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Please note that access and use of this website owned by Nutricia GmbH for Metabolic products (subsequently called ‘Nutricia’) is subject to the following terms and conditions.


Application of the terms of use

By signing up or using the website www.nutricia-metabolics-med.de (including countries or sub-domains) for the first time, you (“User”) agree to the following terms and conditions of use. Nutricia reserves the right to update the terms of use at any time. www.nutricia-metabolics-med.de is a website that provides information regarding rare metabolic diseases exclusively developed for healthcare professionals in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Accuracy, completeness and up-to-dateness of the information

While we make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and complete, we do not assume any liability in the event that any information provided on this website is inaccurate or incomplete. This applies in particular to information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of rare metabolic diseases that change and expand at a rapid pace, so that many procedures are not standardized. No guarantee can therefore be provided for the information offered on this website, especially information on dosages, target values and application forms. If you rely on content provided on this website, this is at your own risk. You agree that you are responsible for verifying any changes made on the content and information on this website. Protected product names (trademarks) are not necessarily denoted individually. From the absence of such a reference cannot be concluded that these are free product names.


Transfer of information

Non-personal messages or documents transmitted by you electronically or in other ways to this website, including all data, questions, comments, suggestions or the like, are non-confidential and do not constitute any intellectual property rights and will be treated accordingly.

Nutricia acquires property on anything you transfer or transmit and may use it for any purpose including, but not limited to, reproduction, disclosure, transmission, publication, broadcasting and distribution on the Internet. Furthermore, Nutricia may use ideas, artworks, inventions, developments, suggestions or concepts that you submit to this website free of charge in any kind of communication. The corresponding use is made without compensation for the transferring person. By submitting information, you also assure that you are the owner of the submitted documentation / content that it is not defamatory, and that use by Nutricia does not violate third party rights or is a breach of any applicable laws. Nutricia is under no obligation to use the information provided.


Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights and related rights on all texts, pictures or other content on this website are property of Nutricia or are uploaded to the website with consent of their respective owner.

You are entitled to search this website, as well as to reproduce excerpts from it by printing, downloading to a hard disk or for the purpose of distribution to other private individuals. This is only permitted on the condition that you ensure that all copyright and other proprietary notices remain intact and that the above-mentioned trademark is included on such copies. No reproduction of any part of this website may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, nor may excerpts be modified or be included or incorporated into other works, publications or websites.


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Integrated links on the nutricia-metabolics-med.de website may lead you to sites outside the Nutricia network and systems. Nutricia assumes no liability for the content, accuracy and function of these third-party websites. The links are provided in good faith and Nutricia cannot be held liable for any subsequent changes to third-party websites to which we have placed a link. Inclusion of a link to other websites does not mean that Nutricia endorses these websites. We strongly advise you to carefully read the legal notices and privacy policy of any site that you visit.


Warranty & Disclaimer

The use of this website is at your own risk.

This website is provided on an "as is" and “as available” basis, and therefore Nutricia does not warrant or assume liability of all sorts, whether contractual, implied, legally or otherwise (including implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose) including the warranty of ensuring that the content on this site is complete, accurate, reliable and up-to-date, and does not violate the rights of any third parties, that access to this site is uninterrupted, error-free or virus-free, that it is certain that any advice or opinion obtained from Nutricia through this site is flawless or trustworthy, and that all representations and warranties hereof are expressly excluded.

We reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to this website or to any features of this website without prior notice and at any time.



Diese Website wird Ihnen „wie besehen“ und „wie verfügbar“ zur Verfügung gestellt, folglich übernimmt die Nutricia keine Gewährleistung jedweder Art, ganz gleich ob vertraglich, stillschweigend, gesetzlich oder in sonstiger Form (dazu gehören die stillschweigende Gewährleistung der Marktgängigkeit, zufriedenstellenden Qualität und Eignung für einen bestimmten Zweck), einschließlich der Gewährleistung, dass die Inhalte auf dieser Website vollständig, fehlerfrei, zuverlässig und aktuell sind und nicht gegen die Rechte Dritter verstoßen, dass der Zugang zu dieser Website ohne Unterbrechungen, fehlerfrei oder virenfrei ist, dass diese Website sicher ist, dass ein Rat oder eine Meinung, die über diese Website von der Nutricia eingeholt wird, fehlerfrei oder vertrauenswürdig ist, und jedwede diesbezüglichen Zusicherungen und Gewährleistungen werden hiermit ausdrücklich ausgeschlossen.
Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, Ihren Zugang zu dieser Website oder auf Funktionen der Website sowie etwaige Funktionen oder Teile dieser Website ohne Vorankündigung jederzeit einzuschränken, auszusetzen oder zu kündigen. 


Copyright infringement and removal procedures

If you believe that content accessible to or from this website infringes your copyright, you may request removal of such materials (or the access to them) from this website by contacting Nutricia for further information:

Nutricia GmbH
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91502 Erlangen


User Contributions

Nutricia does not assert a claim on information or material/documents you upload in any way to this website or provide Nutricia in any other way („Content“). You agree that you don’t upload any content that is discriminatory, defamatory, obscene, threatening, contains sensitive data of others or breaches third party rights. Furthermore you agree that you don’t upload any content for advertising purposes or content that is in no context with the discussed topic.

By uploading the content you agree that the content is non-confidential and not copyright reserved and that Nutricia can use the information free of charge and for any purpose.

Nutricia is not obliged to use the content.

Nutricia reserves the right (but is not obliged) to record dialogues on this website, to investigate an assumption that content violates our terms of use and to decide at its own discretion if content has to be removed.



Nutricia and / or other parties involved on our account in the creation, production or operation of this website shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or special damages, collateral damages or monetary fines, costs, losses or liabilities of any kind, independent from the way they result out of the use of this website, such as their way of access, usage, the impossibility of usage, bugs in hard- and software or the maximum legally permissible scope for actions which result out of e-mails, which are being sent to us, that we undertake or do not take.

Nutricia and / or other parties involved in the creation, production or operation of this site are not responsible for the content or services provided on this site, or for any corrections, updates, or publications of new versions in this context. All content on this website is subject to change.

In addition, Nutricia assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss through viruses that infect your computer or other property due to the fact that you choose to access or download content from this website. If you download content from this website, you do this at your own risk.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, you expressly waive all claims against Nutricia, its officers, directors, employees, suppliers and programmers resulting from your use of or your access to this website.


Prohibited actions

You are not permitted to perform any actions that Nutricia, in its sole discretion, considers inappropriate and/or actions that are prohibited by law applicable to this site - including but not limited to:

  • Any act which violates either the data protection rights (including the upload of private information without the consent of the person concerned) or any other legal rights of individuals;
  • Use of this site for the purpose of defamation or insulting the Nutricia, its employees or other natural persons, or actions which harm the good reputation of Nutricia;
  • Uploading files containing viruses that could damage the property of Nutricia or the property of other natural persons;
  • And the upload or transfer of any unauthorized content to this website. This includes, but is not limited to: content that may lead to malfunctions, damages or violations of the systems or network security of Nutricia or other third parties as well as defamatory, racist, obscene, threatening, pornographic or other unlawful content.


Jurisdiction and applicable law

Nutricia gives no assurance that the content and information provided on this website is appropriate or available in all countries or languages. You and Nutricia agree that all disputes or claims arising out of the use of this website are subject to German law and fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the German courts.



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Update of the imprint

We reserve the right to modify and correct the terms of use of this website at any time. Please visit this page on an occasional basis to check for any changes of the terms of use and new, additional information.

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